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About Student Artist Andy18/Female/Ireland Group :iconfurries-and-fuzzies: Furries-And-Fuzzies
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Pictures of me, Random drawings, some odd screen shots, my OC, and some other stuff! Feel free to look, I update it every summer (Deleting the icky stuff)


Commission Storys
Er; yeah, I'm writing now. So, basically, but give me a plot, type, characters, Setting,and a list of limitations. Or whatever, ya know? Humans, cats, dogs, DRAGONS! Yeah, so, bye!
This is so expensive because I'm actually GOOD at it, and it takes forever, and it strains my brain
Digital Art!
moozy  colours by Halfkit
Love me again by Halfkit
WEIRD MAN by Halfkit
I can draw better than some of these examples, but it doesnt want me putting more then three on there, but more on this, thats some of my digital art. I draw a lot. Kitties, weird fuzzie things, bad people, cool, colourful stars and background, weird blobs, and a few more things!
If you want me to draw an OC, plz send me a ref!
Traditional Art!
Request-NestedinBrambles by Halfkit
Fan art for Starburst565 by Halfkit
A4 way view, art progect i did it in a few mins.. by Halfkit
Art Homework by Halfkit
Hershys dark Chococlate by Halfkit
Heart by Halfkit
Alright! I can draw anything! Most anything! I try and try and try untill I get it right. I tried 9 times on the first one shown, 4 on the second, etc. If your getting and OC, please link me to a ref
Custom Adopts
Adoptable Batch 3 by Halfkit
Adoptables Batch 6 by Halfkit
Rain Adopt -CLOSED- by Halfkit
Flower Adopt by Halfkit
Shadow adopt by Halfkit
Flower adopt 2 by Halfkit
Main Colors--
Extra Colors--
Specific Lineart (if you require a specific Lineart)--

Please fill this out for a custom Adopt!! I will use different lineart according to how many adopts you get, and put the link in the description.  The ///////////////// Means that is the break, so a different form. Post on my profile if you want the price lowered, and I'll send you some back. (5 points in the lowest)



Freshness by trollwaffle


We're Off For Now by Laviismine

Please remember that everything I say is to help the artist and is meant to be said kindly, not to be rude or crude or anything inbetwe...

Fuzz yea
I only do Critiques for points, or I like the artist/art



Halfkit has started a donation pool!
61 / 3,055
Hello everyone! Now, here's to anoying all of you with a big long list of reasons you should donate points.
REASONS I NEED POINTS! (I'm NOT greedy...Maybe I am ^^;)
1-- (You can swap point for money btw) Need money For my cat's Vet bills (Need like three hundred bucks btw) one of her kidneys failed and she needs regular vet visits that we can't afford
2--Find's cute adopts and MUST have
3--Will be able to help out other people!
4--WIll be able to put my page on stuff like dA hub, and premote myself!
5-- Need a premium membership
6-- You might love me, and if you donate, then you will start to love me.

Alright here's this long annoying talk
I have successfully raised 104 :points: on this profile and my adopts profile. So I'm trying to climb to the thousands bar now!!

And as of now, most of these, all of these, points will be going to a small fund I have created for my cat, Captain. I really want her to be healthy cause she could live 8 years more atleast. So, everyone, Please help me save my cat by donating spare points!!!

Please, if you have a few spare points swimming in your pockets, or a commish you want from me, throw coins in this little bucket. It will make you happy. Promise.
A heads up:::::
If you donate twently or more points, I will most likely run to your account, comment thanks on your profile, watch you, llama you, and fave the work on your home page.
Halfkit~ Luv u all

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    Donated Jul 2, 2016, 3:42:46 AM
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    Donated Jun 27, 2015, 4:05:29 AM
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    Donated Dec 20, 2014, 1:40:56 AM


Artist | Student

Proud owner of 9 out of 57 WARRIORS books!…

Guess how much I read this summer? OMG YES I READ 500 HOURS HOW COOL IS THAT MAN WHOOT WHOOT

Guys! I'm featuring!!! They ish mai squishys!
Did I forget you? Comment and lemme know

:iconrainbow-rplz::iconrainbow-eplz::iconrainbow-aplz::iconrainbow-dplz: :iconrainbow-pplz::iconrainbow-lplz::iconrainbow-eplz::iconrainbow-aplz::iconrainbow-splz::iconrainbow-eplz:
And now

Hey Guys! Please Read this before posting comments!
You don't have to post Thanks for Llama, Favourites, Watches, or whatever the heck I did. I give at least 800 favourites a day, and atleast 10 watches a Llamas (When I'm active) My Reply will Always be "No Prob! Thanks for commenting!" Or I'll ask "You can give me a Llama/Watch to. It always helps!"
I mean, I still like it when ppls say thnx, but thats probably the reply you will get!
And ~Thats all
Dank uu for reading

:iconemptyboxplz: SINGLE

:iconcheckmarkplz: TAKEN

Check out my journals, You won't be disappointed!!!
NEEEE Lolz i needed to update this it was way tooo long. ))
I am a talented(Ish) female artist with a surprisingly strong love for animals, and multi colors. I love to hang with my friends and draw, or get requests. I like to buy adoptables, because they are all soooo cute! I have two pet cats, and (ARGH) 3 dogs that I use for insparation. I love to read, I seems to do it all the time. I have one brother, and mai friends call me Holly, baised on my OC. I have horrible spelling and gramar, you'll notice quickly, and I post random things all the time. A role play site(Or a nock-off of the warriors) Is here { } And I love anyone who joins. I have a very spazztaskic personality and tend not to make sense. Lol its okay.
I bet nobody actually uses that for Bio space, right? Unless you add that imma spazzattick lolz.

Adoptables Batch 1 by HalfkitAdoptables Batch 2 by HalfkitAdoptable Batch 3 by HalfkitAdoptable Batch 4 by HalfkitAdoptables BATCH 5 by HalfkitAdoptables Batch 6 by Halfkit
Please by them! Their all 5 points each! Click on them to take you to the deviantion page, comment there, and adopt! I specialize in rainbow and patch adopts! If you want a custom please comment!

MAI SQUASH CHIBI'S!!! If you want to have your art featured here, draw me a chibi of my OC! Post it in a comment on my Profile and it will show up here within seconds. These are the cats-- Holly by Halfkit & & Kitty update dezine by dovepaw3000 The blue ones are for me, The Yellow is my best friend Kitty!! Click to see origional artist! And, If you made me one and it's NOT here, plzy note me, I'm a forgetful personare
Holly by ElleOnlineInnocence by SilverCanDrawFor HalfKit by JLD816Chibi Holly by SquigmunksHolly by ViviSenpai:thumb377123356:Halfkit by saeshellsHolly (halfkit) FREE Portraits! by TheRadioactivesholly -request- by dovepaw3000HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLY by dovepaw3000:Holly [Request] by LapisTiger:K: Holly by Darkstar-The-Great:thumb400527277:holly with mouse by dovepaw3000L o V e    M e  ? by dovepaw3000HALFKIT'S KIRIBAN PRIZE ICON by Swiftkill2000XboxlivFor Halfkit by Ferris-whale

Holly :PC: by saeshells
Hi everybody!
I am so very sorry I've been so in active!
But now that I'm on I want to say that Captain is doing better! I had some people privatly send me a few large amounts of points, that I turned into cash with Paypal, and it helped pay for Captain's vet bills. the total bill was about $300 dollars, and I could help out with about $10 from dA and $30 from my own cash. It doesn't seem like much, but it did help a lot. I want to tank everybody that sent points, because even just one added up and helped in the long run.

I also want to say that I will be online more! I will be a lot more active, and I'm so sorry I wasn't for so long! I missed my own birthday, which was July 28th, so that means One year up!

Alright, thanks so much for reading! I love you all <3

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